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Welcome to ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando where we specialize in residential, commercial and construction pressure washing. There is literally no hard surface that we can’t wash clean. In addition to cleaning exterior and interior surfaces, we also remove graffiti without damaging the substrate. We are conveniently located in Orlando, Florida. If you require emergency services, we can service your needs right away. Customers praise us for our attention to detail, level of professionalism and the ability to tackle any job swiftly.

About Us
For over 15 years we have supplied the city of Orlando with pressure washing services. ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando is licensed and insured to provide mobile contract services within the state of Florida. We are proud members of the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners/UAMCC and the Power Washers of North America/PWNA. These trade organizations hold us accountable and ensure that we are the best that we can be by offering industry workshops and trainings. We are recognized as veterans in the industry but still manage to experiment with new technologies and solutions that are designed to increase our efficiency and productivity.

Our Services
Commercial pressure washer services in this city are a dime a dozen. You can’t throw a rock and not hit a pressure washing company. Our mobile feature and level of professionalism is what sets our pressure cleaning business apart from the fray. We are a full service pressure washing business. Our services are applicable for commercial, residential and industrial settings. We understand the intricacies of our equipment and are able to clean glass, wood and other porous surfaces with ease. For a superior pressure washing service contact us. We are located conveniently in Orlando and can assist you within 24 hours.

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando

worker cleaning a wall using pressure washer

We offer pressure wash services for multi unit residences and single family homes. If you need deck cleaning in Orlando, patio, patio furniture and fences washed, we can do that for you between 30 minutes and 2 hours. We are the premiere pressure washer in Orlando. Our company is second to none. Check our our 5 star Yelp reviews. They speak for themselves. Our clients rave about our cleanliness, attention to detail and ability to get the job done swiftly.

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For exact pressure washing in Orlando, contact the best in the business. As a commercial pressure washer we clean shopping centers, parking lots and bank drive thrus. Any area within your business that receives a high level of foot traffic could stand to benefit for a good pressure washing. Gas stations and convenience stores gleam once are services are completed. We typically use hot water when cleaning gas stations. The team is careful not to use combustible compounds.

“I’m a local contractor who has invested heavily in heavy duty equipment. The guys I hire get the job done and keep it moving. No one ever thinks about cleaning and maintaining the tools we use daily. I hire ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando to thoroughly clean my equipment after every big job. What would normally take me hours takes them less than 30 minutes.” – Alvin A.

Our company offers bar-none pressure cleaning in Orlando. As a full service pressure washing business in Orlando we can clean your equipment, tools and machinery without damaging integral components. The service in nominal and will increase the lifespan of the tools you have come to rely upon. Pre construction cleaning is recommended for painters who want to remove dust with ease. Post construction cleaning is necessary to secure that next bid and impress your clients.

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As a comprehensive pressure washing service in Orlando, our services extend to cleaning sidewalks and storefronts. Sidewalks are often riddled with chewing gum. Once it oxidizes it becomes hard as a rock and petrifies. The result is a lackluster storefront. Improve your curb appeal by pressure washing your sidewalk as needed. Concrete can be cleaned with high pressure as often as you like. When we clean store fronts, it’s better than any Hollywood facelift you can imagine.

Sidewalk Washing
“We bought an old house and fixed it up just the way we had envisioned. The only problem was the old and dirty concrete that surrounded it. All the walkways and sidewalks were in need of a deep cleaning. ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando had our concrete surfaces looking like new. Our curb appeal was boosted instantly!” – Samantha & Brad T.
Building Maintenance

If you are seeking a pressure wash in Orlando that is versed in building maintenance, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our experienced crew can clean pool, office buildings and warehouses with ease. A clean building has an amazing effect on employees. They feel appreciated and come to value their positions more. This has a direct effect on productivity levels. Tenants will notice the difference and renew their leases because they feel their money is going to good use.

Graffiti Removal
Unauthorized graffiti is enough to make anyone’s blood boil. Fortunately our graffiti removal services are affordable and can be applied repeatedly. Mobile homes, brick buildings and large fences are frequently targeted by taggers. We can remove the unsightly graffiti and then coat the substrate with a sealant that will prevent spray paint from adhering. The next time a tagger decides to deface your property we can clean it with less time and more ease.
“We bought an old house and fixed it up just the way we had envisioned. The only problem was the old and dirty concrete that surrounded it. All the walkways and sidewalks were in need of a deep cleaning. ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando had our concrete surfaces looking like new. Our curb appeal was boosted instantly!” – Samantha & Brad T.

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Contact ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando for affordable pressure washing services in the Orlando area. It would be our pleasure to handle all your residential, commercial and industrial pressure washing needs. Our company only uses superior products and equipment while bearing in mind that simplicity is key. While newer is not always better, we take the time to invest in technologically advanced solutions and equipment. These investments allow us to work more efficiently. The less time we spend on a job, the more you save. There is no need to charge more for labor services when we can complete the job in minutes.