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ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando is licensed and insured within the state of Florida. We have a 2 million dollar comprehensive insurance plan to ensure that any mishap that may occur is covered. Our team of pressure washer contractors is licensed to do mobile contract cleaning within the state. Unlike our competitors, we will never use undocumented workers to work for us. Our team is easily recognizable by the uniforms they wear along with the branded vans they arrive in. There should never be any confusion as to who we are and what we have come to do. Our customers feel secure knowing that our identity is transparent. We belong to the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. Our membership with the Power Washers of North America affords us the opportunity to hone our craft through practical workshops, trainings and exams. When you hire a PWNA, know that you are hiring a contractor that you can trust. Organizations like UAMCC and PWNA hold us accountable for our workmanship and reputation.

For over 15 years we have provided unsurpassed presser washing services to Orlando business and home owners. Pressure washing is applicable for residential, commercial and industrial use. Most people associate this application with exterior treatments but it is also a viable approach for interior surfaces. We do it all from awnings to siding and everything in between. If you are seeking a reliable and trustworthy pressure washing company with priceless experience, contact ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando. Call us now!

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando

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