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It’s a good idea to preserve the appearance of your building. It makes for good morale and sends the right message to your customers, tenants, staff and any potential investors. If you are thinking about signing a commercial lease for an old building, consider pressure washing. You’d be surprised how an old building can be made to look like new construction. Pressure washing is perfect for interior and exterior warehouse cleaning, office buildings and apartments. Retail stores and restaurants thrive when their exteriors are fresh and clean. Don’t jeopardize your profits with a dingy or graffiti ridden façade. We also provide graffiti removal service.

Benefits for Pressure Washing

The most obvious benefit to pressure washing is enhanced curb appeal. An old and dingy building doesn’t even get a first look. An immaculate and sparkling building catches the eye and elicits a second look. If you could get a pain-free face lift in 30 minutes, wouldn’t you? No matter what you sell, your staff is your most vital resource. Without them you wouldn’t be able to survive, much less thrive. Employees feel appreciated, more valuable and covet their jobs when entering a pristine building. This has a direct effect on productivity levels. A clean building sends the message of prosperity and success to would be customers.

Building Maintenance Contract

The exterior of a home should only be pressure washed once every ten years. Due to the fact that a commercial building experiences higher levels of foot traffic, regular pressure washing is recommended. If your building is susceptible to graffiti, we can treat it as often as needed. Walkways, sidewalks, doors, windows, parking lots and driveways can all be treated with exact pressure washing. Given the frequency of the treatment it makes sense to establish a building maintenance contract to cut costs. You will save time when scheduling treatments because we will already have you on the roster for periodic cleanings. This is the more economical way to go because the more services you schedule, the more you will save.

Contaminates Vulnerable to Pressure Washing

Bird droppings are gross and unavoidable. White and black markings frozen in time across your building can be removed with ease. Graffiti can be annoying at best and infuriating at worst. If only these mothersuckers knew how much money you put into keeping your property looking good, maybe they wouldn’t be so reckless. Graffiti is an art but it should be confined to authorized spaces and places; not on your windows, doors and walls. Don’t seethe too long because we’ve got a solution that takes less than 30 minutes to yield the desired effect. Moss, mold and mildew are also impervious to our thorough treatments.

Eco Friendly Pressure Washing

The size of our environmental footprint is important to us. As a company, we strive to be a beneficial presence on the planet. In this industry it’s easy to get sucked into purchasing the fastest acting substance. Meanwhile it is wreaking havoc on our environment. A little hot water goes a long way. When we have to reach for something more powerful, we reach for natural solutions. Baking soda is one of those solutions that when combined with high pressure will yield immaculate results. When we attend annual pressure washing trade shows, we are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest ‘green’ solution.

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