Residential Pressure Washing

Residential Washing

In Orlando, Florida, pressure washing is a necessity. The heat and humidity creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, algae and mildew. These fungi cover fences, walkways and the exterior of homes and businesses. There is an easy way to rid yourself of these contaminants. You don’t need to hire a painter to treat and cover the affected area. Using elbow grease and toxic chemicals is unnecessary. All you need to do is call ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando. A treatment for your home or apartment will take 30 minutes to 2 hours. We offer a comprehensive two-year warranty. We also do commercial washing services.

The Benefits of Residential Pressure Washing

The most obvious benefit is the instant face lift your home or apartment building will get once we remove all the dirt, grime and fungi. The before and after comparisons are mind blowing. Your curb appeal will be enhanced significantly. Increase the value of your home. Whether you are selling your home or not, pressure washing has a positive effect on your home’s value. Should you decide to apply for an equity line of credit, you can count on the appraisal being highly favorable. Removing contaminants from the surface will increase its lifespan. Instead of lasting 10 years, your fence will last an additional 5.

Residential Power Washing Applications

Dingy patios and decks will benefit from a good power washing. Stained driveways, walkways and sidewalks will see an instant improvement. Gentle roof power washing will enhance its appearance without compromising the granules. Black streaks and mold spores are removed. The result is a more efficient cooling system. We restore wood decks and remove oil, tire marks and battery acid from concrete surfaces in your garage. HOA communities, Guard houses and playgrounds are not off limits. Our power washing contractors can remove rust from sprinklers and fertilizer discoloration for single and multi unit housing. Low pressure can be applied to windows for a soft cleaning. While high PSI and GPM can be applied to multiple paving surfaces.

Residential Power Washing Costs

We are running a special for all residential power washing treatments. Each price covers 500 square feet. Soft roof cleaning is $99. A thorough soft roof cleaning will result in an immaculate roof. Even if you didn’t purchase a custom built home, it will look like new. Patios and decks are $35. We are adept at cleaning wood and vinyl decks. Walkways and sidewalks are also priced at $35. Dark grey and stained concrete surfaces will be pressure washed to reveal their original light grey color. Stains and algae will be removed as well. Driveways and garage floors can look like they were poured just yesterday starting at $99.

PSI, GPM and Substrate

In most cases water is the only substance used in pressure washing. Some scenarios require baking soda, chemical compounds or other non toxic solutions. Hot water can be applied for a more effective and swift treatment. The power and effectiveness of power washing is determined by the PSI and GPM. PSI is an acronym equivalent to pressure per square inch. GPM refers to gallons per minute. For soft and vulnerable surfaces we will use a low PSI combined with a high GPM. Substrate is an industry term that simply means surface. Sometimes substrate refers to the surface beneath paint, sealant or other finishing. In this case substrate refers to the entire surface.

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando

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