Pressure Washing

A pressure washed construction site leaves a good impression. Clients and potential customers will be awestruck. Pressure washing is not just for post construction but is also beneficial for equipment and machinery. If you want your equipment to endure beyond the warranty, consider a thorough pressure wash after each big job. We can use hot water without the use of harsh chemicals that are prone to damage internal components. ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando offers a mobile service. We don’t need to rely on a water source to get the job done. Our company is licensed and insured to protect against any mishaps that may occur. Nonetheless, safety always comes first. Our crew will never begin a job without protective gear. We also provide sidewalks and store front washing services.

Safety First

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando is licensed to do contract work within the state of Florida. We possess comprehensive insurance to cover any damages. To mitigate mistakes and injuries our crew will always wear safety glasses and earplugs. Rain pants and rubber boots are necessary for extensive jobs. Orlando experiences warm temperatures year round, nevertheless we always were closed shoes and a uniform. Our team is easily recognized by the uniform and branded van. We clean floors, walls, windows following the standards outlined by OSHA. Exterior and interior surfaces are pressure washed diligently and with care. Concrete, stucco brick and plaster can be cleaned safely.

Mobile Service

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando stands out from the competition with a self sufficient mobile service. We do not have to rely on an external water source because we have our own. Our crew can literally clean any location with our conveniently located water tank and pump. Our competitors have to run electrical cables precariously across your property. This electrical wiring is against OSHA’s best safety practices. They are susceptible to liquid spills. There are times when an exterior water source is unavailable. It is during these moments when you can rely on us for effective and swift pressure washing.

Free Estimate

For more information about pressure washing and how it can benefit you, contact us today for a free estimate. We can supply you with an accurate quote over the phone. Or you can submit photos via email so that we can have a better understanding of your needs. For more detailed jobs, we’d be happy to schedule a moment to view the premises. Our initial consultation is complimentary and scheduled at your convenience. You will be surprised when you discover how affordable our services are. Commercial and residential services are not priced differently. Costs are based on the square footage, time and labor required plus the scope of the work.


There is no contaminant that is impervious to pressure washing. For difficult jobs we may incorporate a non toxic solution, hot water or baking soda as an abrasion. A higher PSI or GPM may also be required to increase effectiveness. Liquid nails, glue dirt and grime are removed with ease. Oil, paint and tire marks are no match for professional pressure washing. This treatment is not only good for post construction and equipment. Some of our clients will call us to remove dust and dead paint from surfaces before painting. Instead of hand washing, scraping and using harsh solutions, consider swift and easy pressure washing.

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando

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