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We offer our full array of services to the Dr. Phillips area. Dr. Phillips is home to many houses and shops, that can easily lose their shine due to dirty sidewalks or walls. With our services, you can easily wipe away all the muck building up in and around your property. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, our pressure washing service is a great opportunity for you to increase the curb appeal of your home or building in a matter of minutes easily. One of the great aspects of pressure washing is how fast but effective it always is. As a property owner, you can see incredible results in one cleaning, making this a great investment.

Pressure washing can completely change the look of a sidewalk or driveway. While sometimes pressure washers just use water, we also utilize baking soda and other non-toxic chemicals to enhance the effectiveness of the clean. We always do whatever it takes to give you the best clean possible in Dr. Phillips. All of our employees have been working in Central Florida for countless years, and they’ll always deliver an amazing cleaning. If an inexperienced person were to attempt power washing, it would be a decent cleaning, but you always need a professional to get the best clean possible out of your power washer. So allow us to do the hard work while you simply look at the amazing results.

Dr. Phillips is also surrounded by many lakes. If you’re a local boat owner, allow us to clean your boat quickly and effectively. No one likes the look of a grimy boat, but with our services you can completely transform the look of your boat in a matter of minutes. Our experienced cleaners will ensure that the boat receives no damage during the cleaning but is also thoroughly cleaned and shining by the end. Our pressure washing services are also perfect for any business owners situated in Dr. Phillips. Our pressure washers can clean anything, including: drive-thrus, parking lots, office buildings, and even gas stations. Whatever your property might be, we can find a way to clean it. All of our workers have years of experience, not only with pressure washers, but with the Orlando area. Hire us for your local pressure washing needs and you won’t be disappointed. We pride ourselves in our great reviews across Dr. Phillips and the surrounding area, and we will strive to give you an unbeatable pressure washing service. ​

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