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You may feel differently, but we believe that there is a place in the art world for graffiti. Notice we said the art world, not your store front, fence, office or home. Tagging is another thing altogether. A misguided punk decides to go throughout the neighborhood marking his territory with spray paint. His ego is boosted every time he sees his ‘logo’ prominently displayed on your building! Unauthorized graffiti is ugly and frustrating. Now you have to take time out of your busy day to source a service provider. Rest assured because now that you have called Orlando Pressure Washer, your worries are over.


We agree that pressure washing works on practically every hard surface known to man but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be gentle. Tender loving care is necessary to remove graffiti but keep the substrate in tact. If we were to dent, gouge, knick or warp your surface, it could be costly. Not only that, but there would be something more for you to worry about. Our goal is to leave your property better than we found it. For soft brick and roofing we will conduct a spot test if chemicals are required. Hot water, low PSI and a moderate GPM is key to keeping your substrate in tact.

Surfaces and Substrates

As you’re researching graffiti remover companies, you may have noticed the terms surface and substrate used interchangeably. In construction a substrate typically refers to the surface underneath paint, varnish or sealant. It is the foundation for top coats and sealants. In the pressure washing context, they are one and the same. We can treat pavers, limestone and brick equally. Stucco and concrete are in the same class, therefore we can use similar PSIs when treating them. Glass and wood are different matters altogether. Since wood is extremely porous and glass is very fragile, we test various PSIs and GPMs until we get the right combination.

Graffiti Removal Cost

Schools and mass transit areas are the most common areas impacted by graffiti. Areas that are neglected by the city are in need of aggressive graffiti treatments. Monuments and tombstones are a couple of the more interesting graffiti removal jobs that we’ve completed. The cost to remove graffiti will vary. Location, surface, graffiti medium and square footage are all factors used to determine the cost. If the graffiti is located in a difficult to reach area, the cost will be higher. Graffiti artists love to spray in inaccessible areas to guarantee that their ‘work of art’ will be untampered.

How Does It Work?

Sure, you know what a pressure washer is but do you know how it works? A pressure washer is 1 part garden hose and 1 part air compressor. These two components produce a force to be reckoned with. Air compressors can be powered by electricity or gas. Gas compressors are ideal in areas without a power source. Electric compressors are typically less powerful. Pounds per square inch/PSI and gallons per minute/GPM determine how fast our contractors can work. The device will do its job, depending on the surface but we may have to be gentle and take our time. Water, hot or cold along with a non toxic chemical or abrasive may be all that is needed to remove graffiti from your property.

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