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Pressure Washing
When you walk up to your shop and notice graffiti sprawled across your storefront it makes your blood boil. You have been targeted multiple times and don’t know what to do. Contact ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando for long lasting results. Not only do we remove the graffiti but we also apply a sealant that acts as a barrier between the spray paint and the substrate. This sealant makes it difficult for paint and markers to adhere. The next time a misguided individual attempts to tag your property they will be sorely disappointed. The sealant also makes graffiti removal less difficult to remove. Less time means lower cleaning fees. Our services include:
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Sidewalks & Storefronts
  • Building Maintenance
  • Graffiti Removal
We offer pressure washing services pre and post construction. Many painters prefer to pressure wash dead paint, dust and dirt from surfaces instead of mechanical cleaning with micro fiber cloths. Our way is faster and more cost effective. The more time you spend on a job, the less profit in your pocket. After construction is complete, our team will come through and have everything gleaming. Your client will be pleased and any potential customers will be impressed. A pressure washer is powerful enough to remove liquid nails, dirt, grime, oil, grease and tire marks. After completing a big job, veteran contractors take the time to clean their equipment and tools. Pressure washing machinery is a great way to extend the life of your equipment and keep it running at optimum levels.

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando

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