Sidewalks & Store Fronts

Sidewalks Washing

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando specializes in sidewalks and store fronts. Our services extend to commercial entities and residences. Stained sidewalks spotted with old gum is an eyesore. It detracts from your home or business. Get an instant face lift with a thorough pressure wash. You will be amazed at what we can accomplish in thirty minutes. Get your camera ready for before and after shots. We will treat one side of your sidewalk so that you can get a clear picture of what a good pressure washing can do for you. If you’re a business owner in a high traffic area, know that you don’t have to live with a lackluster store front. We also provide building maintenance service.

Gum, Grease and Dumpsters

We have to admit that a sidewalk spotted with gum is quite ugly. It’s so noticeable that it makes you not want to frequent that location. It sends a bad message. The message is that you don’t care about your patrons or you don’t have the money to maintain your property. Either way, that is not a message that you want to send. Grease and oil can permanently stain porous surfaces. That includes concrete, wood and pavers. Our expert pressure washers can have your surfaces looking like new. Dumpster areas are loaded with grease, oil, grime and human waste. Keeping this area clean will prevent injury and pests.

Awnings and Exteriors

Awnings are designed to keep interior temperatures manageable while offering an appealing aesthetic. When they are faded, ripped and riddled with mold, it diminishes the curb appeal. The architectural detail of your building could be eye catching but all anyone can see is the shoddy awning. Not to worry because we offer pressure washing for awnings. In fact, we will clean the entire exterior of your building. Most cleanings take 30 minutes to 2 hours. Instead of sighing and trying to ignore the disrepair, you could be smiling and excited to pull up to your home or workplace. What are you waiting for? The service is affordable and quick.

Entrances and Patio Furniture

Entry ways receive the most traffic and therefore deserve the most attention. You don’t even want to know the amount of bacteria and contaminates that live on the bottom of the average person’s shoe. To know the real truth would gross you out. Pressure washing will remove all the chewing gum, dirt, grime, oil and bacteria that accumulates in entry ways, service entrances and more. Even if you have vinyl patio furniture, it is not imperious to mold and mildew. Once fungi sets in, it will discolor your expensive patio set. Protect your investment by routinely treating your patio furniture with a good pressure wash.

The Perfect Surfaces for Pressure Washing

Every hard surface can be cleaned with a pressure washer. There is literally no limit to what we can accomplish with an air compressor, hose and nozzle. A substance as delicate as glass can be pressure washed using a low PSI. Concrete, brick and pavers are not immune to this system. The key when working with these hard but porous surfaces is to keep the substrate in tact. A high PSI can damage the top layer which can be expensive to repair. Epoxy, stucco and siding are perfect surfaces for pressure washing. Metal, wood and vinyl siding can all be treated using this system.

ABC Pressure Washing of Orlando

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